Bachelor of Science Program in Cardio-Thoracic Technology
  Cardiovascular and Thoracic Technology Program at Chulabhorn International College of Medicine aims to produce cardio-thoracic technicians at an international standard with self-development and the ability to address the health need of our society. Concentrating on the benefits for people who suffer from heart and blood vessels diseases, our programís goal is to train the next healthcare personnel in the field. This is also the first Cardiovascular and Thoracic Technology Program (International Curriculum) in Thailand and South East Asia.
  Program Name: Bachelor of Science Program in Cardio-Thoracic Technology (International Program)
 Degree Offer: B.Sc. in Cardio-Thoracic Technology (International Program)
 Study Duration: 4-year full-time program
  Language Conducted: English
  Requirements: We accept both Thai and International students who are able to communicate well in English.
  Our strengths: This program focuses on producing Cardio-Thoracic technicians with the ability to integrate basic medical science knowledge, medical technology development, and ensure up-to-date information through the modern world. All content is taught in English, so that the students will be allowed to grow their language acquisition, self-improvement, and ethical enrichment. Students will learn about patient-centered healthcare during their time at CICM. Our graduates will progress through public health service in both domestic and international spheres which will be the next stage of development generating tomorrow healthcare personnel.
 Graduate Destinations: Our graduates can be the Cardio-Thoracic technician, perfusionist, ECMO specialist, researcher, or Healthcare Personnel in the hospital, Invasive Cardiac Investigation Unit, Catheterization Laboratory Unit, Electrophysiological and Ablation Units, Cardiac Surgery Unit, and Cardiac Sonography Unit.
 Some Interested Courses Offered
  General Anatomy and Physiology
  Microbiology, Parasitology & Immunology
  Fundamental Molecular Biology and General Biochemistry
  Hematology and blood Transfusion
  Patient Assessments
  Fundamental Pathology
  Fundamental Pharmacology
  Applied Psychology in Clinical Health Care
  Elementary Statistics
  Medical Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  Anatomy and Physiology of Cardio-thoracic system
  Cardio-thoracic Emergency
  Cardio-thoracic pathology and Pathophysiology
  Cardio-thoracic Pharmacology
  Number of Acceptance: 30 Students per Year