Bachelor of Science in Clinical Technology (International Program)
Chulabhorn International College of Medicine (CICM) offers the first Bachelor of Science Program in Clinical Engineering (International Program) in Thailand. Our goal is to create the professionals in clinical engineering field who possess knowledges, skills in technology of medicine, self-development, ethic enrichment, and ability to address the needs of publicís health.
Clinical Engineerings are healthcare personnel with expertise on advanced technology in clinical practice. They possess knowledge of both engineering and medical care. They apply their knowledge to handle advanced technology especially medical devices. They may develop new medical devices to support the need for better medical care and global health. Due to the growing demand for advanced technology and skilled technicians, the clinical engineers can work in hospitals or medical device companies. They can also work as researchers for medical device development or study in higher education for biomedical engineering.

Duration of Study: 4 years
Language Conduct: English

Career Prospects after Graduation
 Clinical technologists
 Medical engineering experts at public or private hospitals and other organizations
 Medical equipment distributors
 Medical equipment business owners
 Pursuit of postgraduate studies on medical engineering or related fields
 Researchers in Biomedical Engineering

 Study Plan

 First Academic Year

 Second Academic Year

 Third Academic Year

 Fourth Academic Year