Graduate Program in Dermatology (International Program)

Application Process

Step 1  Complete the Online Application through the online application system via internet address
Step 2  Applicant must print out the payment form then brings it to any branch of the Siam Commercial
in order to make a payment. Applicant must keep the payment slip for his/her record.
Note: The applicant fee must be received by the deadline. If the applicant fails to pay the
 application fee within the specified dates, your application will not be considered for the program.
Step 3  Applicant can check the status of payment within three business days after the payment was made
 at online application system
Step 4  Scan the application and supporting documents in PDF file (at least 300 dpi / less than 2 MB).
Step 5  If the applicant would like to correct the spelling of his/her given name, surname, national
 identification number, and/or date of birth after submitted the application, the applicant can
 download a form in order to file an appeal with a copy of his/her national identification card
 attached, specifying the desired changes in detail. The applicant may inquire further information
 at: 02-564 4440 ext.1535
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