Social Gerontology and Longevity Medicine (SGLM)
Social Gerontology
    Aging population had been dramatically increasing everywhere in this world society. Living longer is not only to complete the physical health, but obviously; psychological, social, and cultural environment, are also important. Master of Science in Social Gerontology at Chulabhorn International College of Medicine, Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus), will encourage and empower young academicians the holistic point of view for caring the elder, not only to promote health and well-being, but also to increase socio-cultural dimensions for elder life security, as well as suggestion for the policy movement.
    Thammasat University has been opening the admission process for the Master of Science Program in Social Gerontology (International Program) provided by Chulabhorn International College of Medicine (CICM), academic year 2018. Please see the details provided.
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Longevity Medicine
    Appropriated medical technology and holistic care to increase human life span are the new concepts for Medical Doctor in this century. As we are living longer, Master of Sciences in Longevity Medicine, Chulabhorn International College of Medicine (CICM), Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus), create the new curriculum to prolong and promote health and wellness of the elderly, either in hospital-based or community-based setting. The students will be socializing and understanding individual patientís needs; physical, cognitive, emotional, nutritional, aesthetic, and cosmetic care, etc. The goal of this curriculum is not only to stay healthy, but also live better and feel younger.
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