Doctor of Dental Surgery (Bilingual Program)
Doctor of Dental Surgery (Bilingual Program) in collaboration with Faculty of Dentistry, Thammasat University
This program produces potential dentists possessing productive knowledge concerning dental surgery which is useful for curing dental problem of people in society. The curriculum also prepares the future dental students to have good communication skills to cope with both local and international patients.


Course Syllabus



General requirements


1.   Be able to communicate in Thai.

2.   Highly responsible, thoughtful, honest, which can demonstrate at every step: the application process, written exams, health check-ups, and interviews.

3.   Must qualify the requirement to specify by government agencies after graduation, including unilateral sign contracts or open-ended agreement with the government following the government's rules and university's condition.

Specific requirements


1.   Thai nationality, age not over 28 years (counted until 31 August 2021).

2.   Education qualifications
2.1 According to the Ministry of Education program, applicants graduated from senior high school or currently studying in senior high school and graduate this academic year. Grade point average (GPA) from senior high school not less than 2.50.
2.2 Applicants graduated from international school or currently studying and will graduate this academic year either domestically or internally at Grade 12 (the American education system) or Year 13 (the British education system) including the following subject examination results: 1) Biology, 2) Chemistry, and 3) Mathematic or Physic, or combined science exam result. In comparing qualifications, use the criteria specified in 2019 Thammasat University's Approach to Comparing Qualifications. (The attached file)

*The actual evidence must present on the reported date for health check-ups and personality tests.
** General Education Development (GED) is not accepted.

English requirements


Applicants must have one of the English proficiency test scores (valid for two years from the test date to the interview date) as follows:

- The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Academix type or UKVI, not less than 6.5 or

- Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is not less than specified internet-based 79 or

- Thammasat University General English Test (TU-GET) is not less than required as follows: paper-based test score 550 or computer-based test score 79.



General knowledge score



BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT)

Accept only BMAT results that took place in August and October 2019 and November 2020.

Applicants must select Thammasat University within Cambridge's system to send their BMAT results automatically. Otherwise, applicants must bring their original documents from the test center to submit at Thammasat University. Please note that copies of documents received from the website are not allowed to be verified.


Preferred Characteristics


Specific characteristics for candidates to study requirements will base on 3 mains ideals:

(1) cause no harm to patients,

(2) cause no harm to candidates of Doctor of Medicine program,

(3) cause no obstruction to study, work, and profession operation.

Therefore, candidates must meet the following characteristics:

1.   Have characteristic to be able to work in official background or other official units after completed their study. Candidates must sign one-sided binding contract or open contract with the government according to regulation and condition of the government and the university.

2.   Have good physical health, free from diseases, disease conditions, or disabilities which will cause obstruction to study, work, and profession operation such as follows:

2.1    Severe psychological disorders which might cause harm to self and/or others such as Psychotic Disorder, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorder Type Antisocial Personality Disorders or Borderline Personality Disorders, and including other psychological disorders that will cause obstruction to study, work, and profession operation.

2.2    Contagious diseases that might cause harm to self, patients, or permanent disability that will cause obstruction to study, work, and profession operation.

2.3    Non-contagious diseases or conditions that might cause obstruction to study and harm to self, patients, and profession operation.

2.4    Physical disability that might cause obstruction to study, work, and profession operation.

2.5    Abnormally in hearing on both side with average hearing frequency of 500-2,000 hertz, higher than 40 decibels, and Speech Discrimination Score less than 70 from sensorineural hearing loss, which will cause obstruction to study, work, and profession operation.

2.6    Abnormally in seeing picture and physician committees concluded that might cause obstruction in study, work, and profession operation with seeing level on good eye lower than 6/12 or 20/40 even after using magnified lens.

2.7    Other diseases and disabilities but health check physician committees concluded that might cause obstruction to study, work, and profession operation.

2.8    Have a condition of total color blindness that might cause obstruction to study, work, and perform dental surgery profession.

***For health problems in Item2, admission committees will make decision and the conclusion from the admission committees will be final.

Admission Criteria


First round: Portfolio

1.   BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT) result

Accept only BMAT results that took place in October 2022 OR October 2023. (no minimum)

Applicants must submit their BMAT results in the Cambridge's system ( to Thammasat University. 

*If they do not submit their results to Thammasat University, in that case, they must have the original document from the test center. 

Unverified copies of scores will not be accepted. (Such as Printscreen from website)

2.   Portfolio in Thai or English,  not more than 10 pages excluding front-back cover and please order the documents according to this template;

-    Page 1:  Profile (Personal information / Self-introduction)

-    Page 2:  Education

-    Page 3:  Official Academic Records, Grades, Transcript

-    Page 4:  English proficiency test score

-    Page 5:  BMAT result (Statement of result)

-    Page 6:  Special knowledge, skills, research and professions

-    Page 7:  Academic activities

-    Page 8:  Activities on morality and ethics, nurturing and promoting arts,   culture and society.

-    Page 9:  Sports & Health promotion activities or other activities that improve social skills

-    Page10: Awards / Certificate / Other activities.

All applicants must submit their Portfolio into a single PDF file and sent to email: from 13 November - 13 December 2023.

3.   Medical checkup

4.   Interviews and professional aptitude test will be in the English language.

Tuition and Fees


600,000 THB/ semester



CICM Admissions Center

Tel.                         025644440 Ext. 4559, 4560

Mobile phone.        094-5531535, 094-3259199


Office: +66 2564 4440-9 Ext. 4118



PR-Ext. 4118 / Admission-Ext. 4560/4559

Administration-Ext. 4539 / Personnel-Ext. 4541


Chulabhorn International College of Medicine,

Thammasat University

Cooperative Learning Center, Piyachart 2

99 Moo 18 Klong Luang, Rangsit, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand