Graduate Program in Dermatology (International Program)

Dates and Deadline

Details M.Sc. in Dermatology Ph.D. in Dermatology
Online Application and Application Fee Payment Now till 30 June 2019 3 December 31 May 2019
Announcement of Eligible Candidates 9 July 2019 12 June 2019
Written Examination 11 July 2019 20 June 2019
Interview Examination 11 July 2019 20 June 2019
Announcement of Successful Candidates 23 July 2019 1 July 2019
Self-Presence 26 July 2019 2-3 July 2019
Orientation 7 August 2019 TBA
New Student Registration and Tuition Fee Payment TBA TBA
Opening of New Semester TBA TBA
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